Planning your Trip

How to get here

Currently well established Turkish Airlines offer regular service as well as the low Budget Airlines Pegasus and Atlas Jet. The South is served by all major charter companies, whereby Larnaca is the closest airport in the South.

If you arrive from mainland Turkey, you can catch a passenger ferry from Alanya- travel time approx 4 hours into Kyrenia. There is also a car ferry from Tasucu, close to Mersin in the south of Turkey, in 6 to 8 hours into Kyrenia or in 10 to 12 hours in to Famagusta.

By now there are a good few Tour Operators that specialize in the North of Cyprus.

For example Bellapais Travel ( or a German company that will also cater for other countries in Europe, Lupe Reisen ( as well as H+H Reisen (

For political reasons most of the big Operators do not offer the North in their program, so your best bet is to check the internet for specialized Travel Operators.