For you only the best will do

Most of our equipment is from ScubaPro.

We have MK16 and MK2 regulators with R180 second stages, the BCD’s are from ScubaPro, as are the 5mm long and 3mm short suits. ScubaPro Pool Fins and Masks of different makes are available. All in all we have 36 steel tanks, ranging from 5 liters -for the little ones- to 18 liters-for very big lungs.

We have 2 RIB’s

Karpaz 1 which is 8 meters long with twin 40 horse power engines and Karpaz 2 which is just less than 4 meters and has a 50 HP outboard.

Both boats are equipped with first aid kit and emergency oxygen and the nearest decompression chamber is just over 1 hour away. All our equipment is serviced regularly and the tanks are cleaned and checked according to international standards.

We have two underwater cameras to rent, a DC 1400 and a Basic Sea’nSea for the photo specialties or just for you to try. We can, on your request, take pictures or even underwater Videos of you.

We are equipped with most PADI and SSI materials, however if you want to take a course it is always better to contact us beforehand. This way we can maybe give you some tips and make sure we have everything you need in stock.

Or you can do all your theory via the PADI e-learning link provided on the web site.

E-learning enables you to do you theory lessons at your own convenience on your tablet, phone or computer.

In our class room we will then go over the more difficult and advanced theory lessons together, and watch the teaching videos.