Awaking from a nearly half a century long sleep

Due to the political situation, Northern Cyprus is just coming out of a decade’s long sleep. Only the area around Kyrenia has a considerable amount of development. These get thinner on the ground the further you come up to the Karpaz Peninsula. The area starting from Yeni Erenköy is in fact under a new law proposal that will forbid all new development completely. So we will be able to keep this little gem completely untouched and protected from mass tourism and big developments.

Travelling through the villages will make you feel like you are in a time warp and get you into a real holiday mood, the pace of life here is different from Europe so be prepared to let yourself fall... and RELAX

Here are only some of the excursions that can be done very easily from our location:

The world renown Ruins of Salamis. With its theatre, roman baths and beautiful Agora, as well as the close by Barnabas Church and Museum.

The mountain castle of Kantara is a great place for a quick stop on the way back from Famagusta or if it is stormy.

Just next to Yeni Erenköy; is the ruined Basilica of Aghios Trios and in walking distance from Dipkarpaz there are the ancient ruins of Ayphillion and Aphendrika.

All in all, the Karpaz is a place for people that don’t need hype and nightlife,
but are looking for Nature, Peace and History